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Initially was established in the name of  CHHAYA ENGINEERING CORPORATION' ,  in the year 1958 primarily to solve the needs of critical spare parts, import substitutes accessories & process equipment for various Chemicals, Textiles & other process industries. Ultimately it has grown to meet the needs of specialized products suitable for a variety of industries. Today Fourwents products are specially designed and catered for a variety of industrial applications. The primary market/industries served by Fourwents includes Agriculture, Food, Beverages & Breweries, Can making, Ceramics & Clay, Chemical & Petrochemical Plants, Engines, Fertilizer Plants, Leather Industries, Marine, Paper Making, Metal working, Machine tools, Mining & Cement Industries, Plastic & Polymer Industries, Packaging, Rubber & Tyre making Industries, Polyester Staple Fiber Industries, Rayon & Tyre Cords Industries, Textile Spinning/Weaving/Knitting & Processing Industries, BOPP & Polyester film making units, Printing, Automotive Industries, Steel & Iron Works, Turbine/Wind Mills, Aluminum, Floor & Wall covering units, Oil & Gas Rig Services, Wood Products, Ships & Ports, and many more.

Fourwents is customer driven company and has made its reputation through meeting customer requirements. This has been achieved by a continuous close liaison with our customers.

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Product Line

  • Rotary Unions / Rotary Joints / Rotor Seals

    At Fourwents, we feel that every application deserves its own optical solution. Therefore, we have developed the widest line of Rotary Joints & Unions and Syphons available. Fourwents products strive to meet every process, speed, medium, pressure, temperature and conditional requirement by offering self-supported, rod-supported and bracket mounted Rotary Unions & Joints for handling Steam, Cooling Water, Hot Water, Coolant, Air, Vacuum, Hydraulic, Brine, Gases, Oils, Vapors and other liquids or mediums.